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Top Ten Tuesday – Oh Baby, Baby!

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature created by The Broke and the Bookish. Every week they come up with a topic and invite whoever wants to add their own list to their own blog.

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday is another kind of “Choose Your Own Adventure” type Top Ten. This week we get to choose our Top X Genre Books – no, this isn’t another way of saying “Top Ten” (because, you know, X is the Roman numeral for “ten”) but instead a chance to choose our own genre of books and name our top ten.

I’m having a difficult time with this one because I feel like I’m out of books to list. So I’m gonna recycle a past Top Ten. This week, I’m going to list the Top Ten Characters I’d name my kids after.

Now, I don’t have kids… I’m not anywhere near having kids… But I love picking out names for my potential future kids! Hopefully my future husband will be okay with us naming our kids after my favorite books…

I’ve decided to split the list into two parts, boys and girls, and list five of each.


Harry Potter from duh – I wouldn’t just stick with “Harry;” I’d name him Harrison and maybe call him Harry for short. Luckily James is a family name, so I could easily have a Harry James for a kid! Of course… naming my kid Harrison wouldn’t happen if I was married to someone whose last name was like… Johnson. Because I love my kid.

Henry from The Goddess Test – Although it’s not quite that popular, I love how classic this name is. I don’t know how I feel about naming my kid after someone who is so yummypants though!

Michael Moscovitz from The Princess Diaries series – Dear God, please let my son be as wonderful as Michael is. Amen.

Peeta from The Hunger Games – What? Don’t think that could work? Mark my words… this time next year, Peeta is gonna be on the top 100 baby names. Okay, we’ll compromise: Peter Pevensie from the Narnia series. And maaaaaaaybe I’ll just HAPPEN to call him Peeta.

Connor from Ya Ya Sisterhood – I love the name Connor, and this character, but love how it sounds when you say it with a Southern accent. haha


Susan Pevensie from the Narnia series – Susan Pevensie is one of my favorite, if not my top favorite, characters. I’d love to name my daughter after her.

Lena from Delirium –Β  I won’t throw my baby across the room like I did Delirium. Lena was the name of my aunt, who was completely awesome – she told me my hair looked like a movie star’s.

Lucy Sullivan from Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married – I love the name Lucy thanks to this book. My friend named her daughter Lucy, so we could have a pair of Lucys!

Vivian from Ya Ya Sisterhood – She wasn’t my absolute favorite character in this book, but I’ve seriously loved the name ever since. And since I plan on using my middle name as my daughter’s middle name… I think it would be crazy awesome to have a Vivian Leigh in the family!

Siobhan from Breaking Dawn – No, I don’t particularly like saying I want to name my kid after Twilight or a vampire. But I’m crazy in love with the name Siobhan and first saw it in this book!

With all these great names to choose from I need to start looking for a hubby so I can get on to baby making!

Orrrr…. maybe not.

Look how cute this baby is!

13 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Oh Baby, Baby!”

  1. this made me laugh, for several reasons.
    1)you’re intentionally funny (which is always better than unintentionally, let me assure you)
    2) the justifications for choosing your names are creative
    3) you think your husband will let you name them whatever you want

    it’s not true. i spent my entire life coming up with unique and special names never considering that my husband would care at all, but OH, HOW I WAS WRONG!

    i love my boys names, Jaxon & Jonah, but if it were up to me, they would be called Jack-Thomas and Finn.

    But I digress. I love the name Henry for a boy, it’s not one of those old fashioned ones that you can tell what decade the child was born in or not imagine a child with that name (can you see a 2 year old named Linda now-a-days?)

    Anyway, great list!


    1. Yeah… I’ve had to give myself a stern talking to whenever I come up with baby names… “No, Candice, you can’t always get your way when you’re married.” I figure if we go to pre-marital counseling, wanting to name our son after Harry Potter will have to be something that comes up.

      Luckily… about 80% of this list is sort of just me being silly. So I guess my future husband is safe there πŸ™‚


    1. I almost mentioned Elizabeth Bennett…. Elizabeth is an OLD family name (like in everyone else’s family) so I could easily say “Oh, I just named her after my great great great whatever” but secretly think “Annnd after Lizzie Bennett! Bam!”


  2. Whenever I see the titles of your posts in my email, I try to guess what your post is about before I open it, and for some reason I had a brief flash in my brain that your list was going to be something hilarious about YA and babies, but then I couldn’t think of any funny YA books about babies and it turned out that your list was more awesome anyway.
    Sooooo, this list is great. I love all the LOVE for the Ya-Yas! Because honestly, I saw your reason for putting Connor on here and sat in front of my computer saying his name with the best Southern accent I could manage and all I can say is, YES. I just did it again. I still love it. I hope you get to name all your future babies with names from this list! πŸ™‚


    1. What’s funny about me making this list is that I wrote it sort of jokingly. But I just remembered that both of my pets are named after TV characters – I have a dog named Ginger, from Gilligan’s Island, and my kitten’s name is Elliott, after Elliott Reid from Scrubs! I’m seeing a trend here!


  3. Henry, I love that name so very much because it reminds me of The Time Traveler’s Wife. Henry DeTamble is my second biggest book crush ever, next to Michael Moscovitz, of course (duh, right). Also, backing up Dixie, husbands actually care what you name your kids, especially if they are boys. I only had girls, so I got lucky but the boy name choices were always a fight. I suggested Joel, he suggested Annakin. As in Skywalker. As in killer of the padawans. As in The Dark Side. And he was serious!!!!


    1. My dad wanted to name me Bud if I was a boy. Thank goodness I wasn’t! A teacher of mine from high school let her husband name their second son because she was out of it after delivery. He chose Hank Williams. Which I guess isn’t quite as bad as being named after Darth. πŸ™‚


  4. OK I love your topic! And you’re probably right that we will see Peeta (and Gale, etc) showing up on baby name lists. Harrison and Connor are great boys names too.

    Growing up with the name Lucy wasn’t the easiest but maybe we are all weird about our own names. Siobhan is a cool name.

    And baby Candice is adorable!


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