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GUSB – Grown Up Spring Break

Ah, Spring Break… there’s really nothing quite like it. A week to be lazy, go to the beach, drink margaritas…

But then you finish college and badam! No more spring break. Instead you give dirty looks to those who DO still get spring break (such as teachers) and secretly hope it rains during their trip to the beach and the waiter puts too much salt in their margaritas. All while having to be in your windowless office at 8:00 am.

Of course, I don’t do this anymore because I’m one of the lucky ones who gets spring break. Woot! While I’m not going to the beach (no desire to go hang out with the 20 year olds thank you very much) I am planning on being lazy and perhaps getting me some margaritas!

But my main goal this week is to catch up on my reading. I have a TON of books gathering dust or sitting idley by on my Kindle, just begging me to read.

Here are the main books I HOPE to get to this week:

Scorpio Races – Um, it was an amazing deal on Kindle! Annnd I want to read it so badly!

Pandemonium – Haven’t bought this yet. Will be purchasing ASAP!

Narrative Loserdom – My first review request! Holla!

Awkward – My first ARC and participating in a blog tour!

The Goddess Hunt – Mmm… more Henry!

The Hunger Games Cookbook – Yes, I bought this. Imma make all my bloggy friends some Hunger Games goodies! And eat them. nom nom nom

Betrayal – Part of my Mythology Challenge. (oh and it was free)

Whew… hopefully these will keep me busy this week! I’ve also got plans to write, review, update the blog, work on new features… didn’t I say I was going to be lazy this week? Clearly I lied.

Happy Spring Break to those who get it! Happy work week to those who don’t!

P.S. Did you know The Giver is only $.25 today?! Go get that shizz!!!


5 thoughts on “GUSB – Grown Up Spring Break”

  1. Dude, we don’t get Spring Breaks here at UBC. We get one week and they call it Reading Break. Yes, “reading break” because they schedule midterms right after it ends and you kinda can’t enjoy a beach (assuming you have the moolah for it) when you’ve got them on your mind. :\ Totally haterous. However, I, being the generous sort I am, hope you enjoy your break because my term’s probably going to end sooner than yours (my last final is on the 19th). 😀


  2. Good list! I love, love The Scorpio Races (it takes time to get going but it is so worth the wait). I am looking forward to reading about your Hunger Games Cookbook adventures. I cannot even imagine what is in that thing. You need to fill me in on The Goddess Hunt after you read it. Is Henry in it? Because I’m totally not interested if he doesn’t at least make a brooding/hot appearance.


  3. Yay for spring break- I will be enjoying spring break next week! Great reading list. Can’t wait to hear what you think of Pandemonium and if you will be throwing it across the room 🙂 Also, I’ve read a few reviews of Awkward and it sounds really fun.
    Happy reading!


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