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Retro Movies Thursday: The 10th Kingdom

Retro MOVIES? Say whaaaaat?

I actually did have a book in mind for today’s Retro Read Thursday, but couldn’t decide between it and one of my favorite movies as a teenager, The 1oth Kingdom.

Clearly you see who won.

Before I begin my reminiscing, lemme tell you what this movie is about (because I just KNOW it’ll pique your interest): The 10th Kingdom follows a girl (okay, 22 yo) named Virginia who lives on the edge of the forest. Otherwise known as Central Park. Meanwhile, back at the ranch (or Fairy Tale World), there is an jail break at the Snow White Prison and the Evil Queen turns Prince Wendall White, the grandson of Snow White,  into a dog. The dog then discovers the Queen’s magic mirror hidden in the basement of the prison, which just so happens to be a traveling mirror, and miraculously turns it on, transporting himself to the mythological 10th Kingdom. Surprisingly (or not, depending on how you look at it), the 10th Kingdom turns out to be New York City and Prince Wendall, now a dog, runs into Virginia in Central Park. Thus begins her adventures, traveling to Fairy Tale World (I don’t think this is actually the name of it) and discovering all of the different kingdoms and trying to save Prince Wendall before he left permanently a dog and the Evil Queen takes over all the 9 kingdoms.

Seriously, how does this NOT sound good?!

The 10th Kingdom came on when I was a junior in high school as a Hallmark mini-series movie. I got to watch all of it but ONE night, due to some school function. Was very sad. It came on again when I was a senior and again… missed ONE night of it. Was even sadder, especially since I’m pretty sure I missed the same night twice. Luckily, I have the most amazing parents in the world because they tracked down the video (or just ordered it off Hallmark’s website) and gave it to me for Christmas.

This movie is not one to be taken likely. You’d better clear out an entire day for it because, are you ready for this, IT’S 10 HOURS LONG! I’ve only managed to watch the whole thing in one sitting once and that was because I was sick and had camped out on the sofa all day.

What I love best about this movie is the fantastic world that’s been built. In this world there are 9 kingdoms, each based on various fairy tale stories, and most are ruled by famous WOMEN characters. Cinderella, Snow White, Red Riding Hood, Gretel… While these women are dead (except Cinderella who is like 200 years old in the movie) their descendants now rule, which is interesting to see what happened AFTER happily ever after.

Seriously, if you like fairy tales and twists and turns of the shocking nature in your movies, this is a great sick or rainy day movie.

And, it has great quotes like these:

“Tooth decay is caused by three things: Number one, poor diet, number two, not brushing properly and number three, bad fairies.” -The Tooth Fairy, who is a prison dentist in this movie.

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5 thoughts on “Retro Movies Thursday: The 10th Kingdom”

  1. Ok this sounds like a movie I would love. I love fairy tales. Why have I not heard of this before? And I have to admit that even though I kind of make fun of The Hallmark Channel, I’ve been totally into everything I’ve ever watched on it. I’m such a girl.


    1. Hehe… I make fun of it all the time but have loved pretty much everything on it. I don’t think this is an exceptionally popular movie since it was a TV mini-series (back before Hallmark channel), but I would highly recommend you check it out! It’s really super fun!


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