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Top Ten Tuesday – You sound like an emo 13 year old

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature created by The Broke and the Bookish. Every week they come up with a topic and invite whoever wants to add their own list to their own blog.

This Top Ten Tuesday is the Top Ten Favorite Covers and then you pick your own subject. I’m sure I could go easy – favorite covers featuring a boy, featuring a scary scene, featuring a rainbow… but because I want a bit of a challenge (and I think it’s a ridiculous trend) so I’ve chosen my Top Ten Favorite Covers that are emo but shouldn’t be.

Has anyone else been noticing this trend? Why are books suddenly so emo and depressing looking when really, the book and main characters are NOTHING like this? Maybe this is what the kids today like. Maybe this is a projection of how they view their lives. I have no idea. I’m a child of the 90s when book covers looked like this. All I can say is thank goodness for Kindles/Nooks/e-readers because these books definitely make the do not read in public list.

Emo: adjective – associated with a stereotype that includes being particularly emotional, sensitive, shy, introverted, or angst-ridden. (From Wikipedia so you know this is correct)

Here are ten book covers that should NOT be so emo:


Really, I have no idea what this dark haired girl with the big black dress on has to do with this book. Seriously. Also, I reread my review – I crack myself up sometimes.

The Splendor Falls

I imagine the art discussion went something like “What can we do to make this peppy book seem more serious?” “I know! Let’s put a pretty girl in a prom dress sprawling on a tomb on the cover and have the title look like dripping blood!” Yeah… that worked great.

Dearly, Departed

I mean, I don’t really know what else you’d put on the cover of a zombie book, but I felt Nora’s face on the cover was just a little too emo for my tastes.

Texas Gothic

Again with Rosemary Clement-Moore’s books being so darn emo! What does a smokey, stoned looking red head have to do with this book? Other than the red hair, NOTHING! Rant over.

The Goddess Test

Nowhere in this book does Kate lay in the middle of a jungle-forest looking forlorn. I mean, it’s pretty… that’s about it. Doesn’t do the awesomepantsness of this book any justice.

Saving Francesca

I think there are several covers out there for this one, but the one I ended up with doesn’t do it for me. She looks all creepy and like her eyes are going to shoot out lasers.


It’s pretty and all… but I don’t really feel like it captures Clara – who most definitely doesn’t look like she stands around thinking “Oh… life… what shall I do…”

Any of The Immortals series

These covers only get worse as the series continues… as do the books, unfortunately.


I love this cover but it does the book no justice. Or the book does the cover no justice. Either way, I can hardly imagine bratty Psyche being this oh I’m such a helpless beautiful girl kind of girl.

I’m really slacking on my Top Tens… last week I did 8, this week 9… Maybe I need to take a break from these! I’m running out of books I can think of!

Also, I’m keeping this picture from last week… I love it so!

Funny Facebook conversation where the title of this post came from:
BGFF: I’m tired
Me: From what?
BGFF: Life
Me: You sound like an emo 13 year old
BGFF: Pretty much
Me: Poor thing… want me to come over and cheer you up?
BGFF: Prob lost cause
Me: What’s wrong?
BGFF: I hate losing to UGA (2011 Auburn University v. University of Georgia football game)

25 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – You sound like an emo 13 year old”

  1. lol! This list cracks me up… I feel so old/out of touch reading a lot of the top ten cover lists because they all look emo or feature a girl in a poofy dress! I guess the fact that I am attracted to covers with cut outs makes me truly a child of the 80s/90s… (Does anyone do cut out covers any more?)


    1. I do too… I mean, a lot of the covers I’ve seen today are pretty… but there’s no way I would go out in public reading some of them! And I don’t think cut out covers are in style anymore… although I seriously love them! It’s like a little hidden surprise for you! 🙂


  2. Ha – yes. Great set of covers. Emo images like these do nooooothing for me. If anything, I don’t even read the books because I feel depressed just looking at the front. Cheer up, cover creators of America!


    1. Someone should send the artists a fruit basket or flowers before they start designing covers. Maybe that would inspire them to do something other than a sad looking girl on the cover.


  3. It’s so funny that you mentioned Evermore (truly, which is worse, the books or the covers?) because I just read the last book last week. It was horrifying, in case you were wondering. And the cover was AWFUL. HORRIBLE. But I found myself staring at it a lot, mostly because the characters looked exactly the way I’d pictured them. I have a total love/hate relationship with that series. (Love the premise, hate everything else), but I have to say that the cover of the last book was the best thing about it. Oh lordy, the tulips! I will never look at tulips the same again. Ugh!
    Also, Frankie looks totally possessed on that Saving Francesca cover. Creepy!


    1. So Evermore… I actually really enjoyed it. It was fresh, fun… I had lots of good experiences with it. Then the series came… I forced my way through books 2-the one before the last one (I lost count there are so many of them) and each one had an occasional good point but for the most part I just felt “OMG just do it already!” I’m all for sexual tension but c’mon… these books got to a ridiculous point. I haven’t read the last one yet, mostly because the library didn’t have it when I was ready to read it and I haven’t made too much of an effort. I am, however, interested to read her Riley Bloom series – Riley was one of the best things in Evermore for me.

      And yeah… what is up with the Saving Francesca cover? It kind of freaks me out.


  4. you made me laugh over and over. that should cheer you up. (but i’m a laugh whore, you should know, i give it up for anyone.)
    i think the biggest problem with those emo-looking book covers is that they actually keep me from reading them. but that’s okay because i have enough to read.


    1. I agree. If I hadn’t known the premise of these books before I doubt I would have even given them a second glance at the bookstore.. probably moved on to something shinier and prettier!

      And I’m glad I made you laugh so much! 🙂


  5. I love your take on this list, and you are so right. I’ve seen a lot of these covers around and immediately judged the books as emo (or some shade of emo) and not something I’d want to read. Apparently that’s not the case and I need to give them a second chance!


    1. Yes! Please do give some of these a second chance! Most of them were fabulous – I’ve reviewed them all, too, so you can see which ones I didn’t think were that fabulous… 🙂


  6. Okay, the Unearthly cover is beautiful. Looove it. The book doesn’t interest me, but I love the cover.

    Also, I think the paperback US cover for Saving Francesca with all the people in plaid school uniforms fits that book sooo much better than that emo cover.

    my list: wishlist covers


    1. It is very pretty… but it doesn’t match the main character at all. She would never stand there looking like that! 🙂

      And I agree with you about Saving Francesca – I like that cover so much better!


  7. I must admit I gravitate towards the emo covers sometimes. But I do agree with you that a lot of these covers don’t match up with the contents of the book. You make a good point about Unearthly- it’s pretty but so not Clara. And the Goddess test cover doesn’t do it for me either.

    Yes to your thoughts about Evermore the series. The first couple were okay but then I just had to give up. It’s refreshing to do that now and again, isn’t it?

    Great cover concept and commentary!


    1. As you can see, I do too! While I don’t like how they don’t match the book, I think they’re really pretty in a way. And yeah… I made it to the next to last book w/ the Evermore series. Couldn’t find it in me to seek out the last book!


  8. This list is brilliant, I love your topic – so original! The only one I’ve ever read is the Immortals series by Alyson Noel…and actually I should be saying “tried to read” because I didn’t even make it through most of that book before I had to shove it away from me. Definitely a DNF/DNL in my life.

    But it’s good to know these covers don’t really make sense! I see a bunch of books in my TBR stack there, so I’ll have to keep in mind they’re not quite accurate of the words between the pages haha.


  9. The emo covers can be super pretty, like Unearthly, but they’re so over done these days. I’d also like to nominate The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson for this list. The cover is pretty, but has absolutely nothing to do with the book. No one ever lays on the ground in a fancy dress, and I’m pretty sure that dress isn’t something the main character would even actually wear.


  10. Girl, emo covers drive me nuts. I have bigger cover pet peeves (FACES is a big one, which is obviously an element of emo covers), but I do strongly dislike when the cover doesn’t match the book. And to make the cover irrelevantly emo!? Crazy! I’m sad that the cover of Texas Gothic doesn’t really “go,” because despite my dislike of faces and emo-ness, I kind of dug the colors, with the red hair and the green eyes. (I know. I’m hypocritical. I wish I could explain it to you.)


    1. I ALMOST did my list on books with half heads… but couldn’t think of enough of them. I thought the emo covers worked out well. 🙂

      And I mean… Texas Gothic… you can kind of stretch that it could go with the book. It’s sort of ghostly looking and it’s a ghost story… and the main character has red hair… I love the cover of it. Just set me up for thinking it was going to be a serious book. Wasn’t though – super good and super funny!


  11. LOL I like this one 🙂 It was before my time in the blogging world so I’m going to comment on it now. But that’s really true… It’s really odd when the cover has nothing to do with the book. And emo at that…


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