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Helloooooo Yummypants!

Two of my favorite awards, by far, are the awards for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor. Not really because they’re the most fun to watch… in fact, compared to their corresponding awards for the ladies, they aren’t even that entertaining. But there’s something about the quiet gracefulness of actors who are nominated. They always seem full in support of the other nominees and it never seems quite as catty. I’m always impressed by these men.

Another reason I love these awards is because of the types of actors who are nominated. With the actress awards, sometimes it seems the nominees are fleeting, mere shiny objects who happened to do a good job in that particular film but otherwise aren’t all THAT great… this isn’t always the case, but there’s usually at least one or two flash in the pan actresses that get nominated. Besides the point…

With the actors awards these men are tried and true; for the most part not a thing they’ve touched has been bad. There may have been some bad roles and/or movies, but their acting has always been superb.

2004 – Johnny Depp Best Actor Nominee Finding Neverland, based on the play The Man Who Was Peter Pan by Allan Knee (also slightly on Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie)


This movie is absolutely fantastic… but I’m not here to talk movies today. I’m here to talk actors. Johnny Depp is by far one of my favorite character actors.

What is a character actor you might find yourself asking? Let me give you an example: think of an actor you really like. I’m going to say… Ryan Reynolds (he was the first that popped into my head). Can you name any of his characters? No? Yeah.. me either.

Now take Johnny Depp. Think of him. Can you name any of his characters? See? That’s a character actor. Basically they, as an actor, are a blank slate and are able to so undertake a the characterization of a role that they become the role… not the role becomes them. In my opinion there are very few actors out there that can truly do this; even some of our favorite actors who are really really GOOD actors can’t do this.

That being said… seeing Johnny Depp rise quickly to superstardom after Pirates of the Caribbean and knowing he was in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory around the same time as Finding Neverland, I was a little worried about how he would take on the role of one of our favorite storytellers Mr. Barrie. Boy, was I wrong! His ability to have a slightly awkward quiet grace worked perfectly in this film and I never doubted for a moment that was exactly how Mr. Barrie must have acted.

While I’ve never read (or seen) the play this movie is based on, I have read Peter Pan. If you’ve never read it… I feel like asking “What’s wrong with you?!” but then I know there are many books that I’ve never read that you’re probably thinking “What’s wrong with you?!”

Which is the perfect segue into our next actor…

2009 – Stanley Tucci, Best Supporting Actor Nominee The Lovely Bones,  based on the novel by Alice Sebold

Stanley Tucci is another one of my favorite character actors… actually, he’s one of my favorite actors period. While he’s never the star of anything, he certainly has the ability to steal the scene and make us wish Meryl Streep would get out of the way so we can see more Stanley Tucci!

Get outta my shot, beyotch!

I’ve never read The Lovely Bones but after seeing the movie I’m not sure I want to. It was such a hard movie to watch… I won’t go into detail but if you’ve seen the movie (or read the book) you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Stanley Tucci will always been in my eyes the photo editor who yells “Gird your loins!” and the hilariously funny, slightly eccentric, father from Easy A. (I know he’s been in more movies… that’s just all I can think of right now. I was out late last night.) Seeing him as this horrible, HORRIBLE villain was incredibly hard to watch. But boy… did he nail that role. He was able to make that role, which is already pretty scary, into the most horrifying monster I’ve ever seen, giving me shivers and pulling me to the edge of my seat as he quietly stalked his prey.

Yes, Marky Mark... I killed your daughter!

Also… I can’t WAIT to see him in The Hunger Games. It’s going to be epic, y’all!

I'm gonna rock your socks off as Flickerman...

I’m interested to know your thoughts on both of these actors and the movies/books as well as any others you think had excellent lead actors.

The nominees for Best Actor are:

The nominees for Best Supporting Actor are:

Ohhhhh… yummypants!


9 thoughts on “Helloooooo Yummypants!”

  1. That last picture just made me laugh. I can seriously see Brad Pitt saying, “Man, we are so awesome,” and George Clooney laughing and saying, “I know, right?” And Johnny Depp is the BEST!!!


  2. You’re KILLING ME with these movies today!! Finding Neverland is AMAZING. I remember seeing it in the movies with my mom and sobbing. It’s so bittersweet and sad, but lovely, and Johnny Depp was fantastic in it.
    And for the record, I’m rooting for Clooney! I haven’t seen The Descendents, but my mom thought it was FAB!


    1. Oh, same! I boo hooed for a while after Finding Neverland! I don’t know who I’m rooting for when it comes to the actors – I haven’t seen any of the movies nominated!


  3. I’m so happy for Demian Bichir; those other (admittedly awesome) guys were pretty much expecting a Best Actor, but Demian is a fabulous actor, and this will really help his career, whereas you can’t get any bigger than Clooney or Pitt. Oldman had an amazing performance, but it’s so understated it’s not likely to win. Again, glad he was FINALLY nominated.


  4. With the actress awards, sometimes it seems the nominees are fleeting, mere shiny objects who happened to do a good job in that particular film but otherwise aren’t all THAT great…

    That just seems like a really odd statement to me. Like, why would women be nominated if they weren’t as good as the men who are nominated in their own category. I don’t know…I just don’t buy it.


    1. I got your comment while I was driving to work – I know, not the safest thing to do, checking email while driving – and it sort of stuck in my head the entire way here. Like how would I reply to this? Because I can see your point… it is sort of an odd statement that I didn’t explain very well. Sooo… rather than actually reply to your comment with my explanation I decided I’m going to use it as part of my post for today since I’m discussing actresses. Hopefully that’ll clear some things up 🙂


      1. I’m really glad you’re going to explain it because when I read the statement I was definitely caught off guard.

        Also, I’m glad you didn’t crash! My mom will check text messages when she’s driving and I’ll freak out because it’s illegal here and I’m in the passenger seat which is a scary position XD


      2. Sorry! Sometimes I just type and think things make perfect sense only to find out that it makes none whatsoever!

        Texting while driving is probably close to being illegal here – but I check email, Facebook, texts while driving. Not a good habit of mine!


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