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Moviebooks: Oscars Week

Sundays are powerful things. For sports fans, Superbowl Sunday is the highlight of the year. For Christians, Easter Sunday is the highlight of the year. For movie fans, it’s Oscar Sunday.

The Oscars are what we movie lovers wait for all year. We predict what movies will be nominated, which actors and actresses will be up for what awards, and who will be wearing what. It’s a night of forgetting the fact that we have to go to work early the next day, of frivolity and fanciness, pretending that we, too, are walking the red carpet.

One feature that I periodically like to write about is something I’ve coined “moviebooks.” These are books that have been turned into movies. While we know that our favorite books into movies will most likely NOT be nominated for any sort of award, with the exception of the MTV Movie Awards that continuously seems to praise the Twilight franchise, many MANY wonderful books have been turned into movies, some of which have swept the Oscar boards clean.

Over the next week I will be featuring some of my favorite “moviebooks” that have been nominated (and some awarded) for awards and discuss what makes them so great. Some are older, some are newer; some you might not even have realized were once a book. But all are wonderful adaptations.

Here is the schedule for Oscar Moviebooks Week:

Monday 2/20: Best Costume Design

Tuesday 2/21: Best Adapted Screenplay

Wednesday 2/22: Actors

Thursday 2/23: Actresses Part 1 (there are way too many for one post!)

Friday 2/24: Best Visual Effects

Saturday 2/25: Actresses Part 2

Sunday 2/26: Oscars Day! and books I wish would be turned into movies and then nominated

I hope you’ll join me this week as I get ready for one of my favorite days of the year and as I share with you all these fabulous books! Books, books, books!


5 thoughts on “Moviebooks: Oscars Week”

  1. What a fun idea! I haven’t seen too many of the best picture nominees this year but I always like to watch to see what everyone is wearing anyway. And I did enjoy Midnight in Paris and The Help.
    Can’t wait to see what you have in store this week!


    1. I feel like I never see too many of the nominated movies… But I’m always interested in them just the same! I’m really excited about doing an Oscar moviebooks series of posts; hope you enjoy!


  2. Yay moviebooks! This sounds so great, Candice. Turning books into movies is always tricky for a book-lover like me, but I think when an adaptation of a good book is done well, it usually ROCKS. Can’t wait to see your posts this week!


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