Angels, Young Adult

Will this be one Jem of a series or what?!

Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

The Skinny: After the death of her aunt, sixteen year-old Tessa Gray leaves her home in New York for England, in search of her older brother who has requested she join him. When she arrives she is kidnapped by the Dark Sisters, a pair of evil beings who belong to the mysterious Pandemonium Club and who force her to discover her power: the power to transform into others. Tessa is rescued by Will and finds refuge with the Shadowhunters. The Shadowhunters promise to help find her brother and, using her new-found power, Tessa works with them to uncover the secrets of the Magister and rescue her brother from his hands. But when a startling twist emerges that threatens the Shadowhunters, Tessa must decide between saving her brother and helping her new friends.

BFF?: I immediately liked Tessa, much like I liked Clary from The Mortal Instruments series. But with Tessa, she was a little tougher of a nut to crack. It was amusing to see how the world of the Shadowhunters offended her lady sensibilities and threw a major kink into what she envisioned the world to be. Although she wasn’t quite as butt-kicking as Clary she held her ground as a force to be reckoned with.

Anti BFF: Did anyone else want to knock Jessamine out? I mean, I get she’s a Shadowhunter and could probably take me out with a single hit, but she drove me insane. I really wanted her to get better, to maybe show me a reason to sympathize with her plight (because I totally got it) but she was such a you know what that I couldn’t help but dislike her.

Readability: Like all of Clare’s books, this one didn’t lack on action and kept you engaged the entire time reading. As I’m so used to reading books that are either written from first person perspective or center only around the main character, it was always a shock when I got to see other characters as the focus, whether the main character (Tessa) was in those scenes or not. While this sometimes makes for a little confusion, keeping everyone’s personalities and thoughts in line, it’s nice to get to know other characters as well as I get to know the main character.

Crush Level: 7s all around!
Whenever I’ve been faced with a love triangle in the past I’ve always known where my loyalties lie and am rarely swayed. Edward v. Jacob = Edward. Peeta v. Gale = Peeta. Jace v. Simon = duh. But with this love triangle (Will v. Jem) I’m actually lost. Clearly I love Will – he’s sexy and snarky and quotes books. But then Jem, who I find also kind of sexy, is super nice and really knows how to sweet a girl off her feet. This one is gonna break my heart, I just know it!

Bonus Points:
Victorian England

By far one of my favorite new periods. I love how elegant and polite this society is, so it’s a great contrast to the dirty backdoor dealings that go on in the Shadowhunters’ world.

Robot Army

Okay, so they’re not really “robots” but it’s kind of cool to think of them that way, isn’t it? They’re also hella scary; I’m very glad I’m not a Shadowhunter who has to fight them!

Victorian Feminism

Somehow I feel like the term “Victorian feminism” is an oxymoron, but let’s not forget that in just a few short years the suffragettes will be marching around. As I mentioned earlier, Tessa’s eyes are opened to roles women play. I look forward to seeing her buck the system and become more of her own kind of woman.

Magnus Bane

Okay, seriously… who WASN’T happy to see him again?! I was also very glad his ostentatiousness and snarky personality hadn’t diminished either. 

Commencement Speech: Am I the only one who hasn’t gotten to this series? Why in blazes haven’t I read this sooner? As a huge fan of the Mortal Instruments series, I knew going in that I would love the Infernal Devices series just as much. What I wasn’t expecting was to love it QUITE as much as I did. Clare paints such a great picture of Victorian London, but not the one I had imagined. This one is seedier, dirty… the kind that no one tends to brag about. Several scenes and situations reminded me of Libba Bray’s Gemma Doyle series, another series that takes place during this time period. Another thing I loved about starting this series is that Clare didn’t hold back; she knows what we like, didn’t deviate from the formula too much, and has presented us with another fantastic story that’s captured me and left me wanting more. I thoroughly expect to be taken through the ringer on this one.

Superlatives – Most Likely to Want to Cuddle with Jace Again

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6 thoughts on “Will this be one Jem of a series or what?!”

  1. I love this series! And Will, always, always Will. He’s just so bratty that it’s impossible not to love him. Also, I have a thing for this book cover. I have no idea why. It’s actually the first Clare book I’d ever read (I know, I’m so backwards) and the reason I picked it up is because I loved that pic of Will.


  2. I have the audio of this book on hold at the library. The reviews of Clockwork Prince convinced me to finally get going on the series. So glad to see your review as further encouragement. The setting, romance and steampunk aspects all sound great.


  3. THIS SERIES. I have the first two books sitting in one of my piles right now and I need to make time to read them ASAP. I’ve read the first three Mortal Instruments books and I thought they were great, but I feel like I’ve heard slightly better things about Infernal Devices. It’s a good sign for me if you liked Clockwork Angel! 🙂 (Also, when I saw that you mentioned “Jem” in the title of your post, I first thought of the REAL Jem from Jem and the Holograms. Holla!)


  4. I love this series! I read it before MI and I love ID best– come on, Victorian London! The side characters are great (Magnus!), Tessa is a strong, interesting heroine (she reads!) while still being Victorian… And Will, oh Will 🙂


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