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Fan Fiction: Yay or Nay?

I stumbled upon someone’s blog that was featuring a weekly meme called Booking Through Thursday, which is hosted at the blog with the same name. Upon investigating more, I saw that it was basically just a weekly question that folks answered. I was, however, a bit intrigued by this week’s question, which has to do with fan fiction. The question is this:

Have you every written any fan-fiction? If yes, why and for which book(s)? If no, would you like to and for which books(s)? For that matter, do you ever READ fan-fiction??

So I thought I’d answer. (but I’m going to change up the order of the questions)

Do you ever read fan-fiction?
Yes, I do. Not as often as I used to, however. I first discovered reading fan fiction probably sometime in high school, before it ever really even had a name. I thought it was just people writing fun stories using characters from different shows or books and calling it a day. I later rediscovered it in graduate school after finishing the Twilight series and not wanting them to be over yet. When I finished graduate school I moved back in with my parents while looking for a job and, sadly, all of my books were packed away – with the exception of the Twilight series and the 7th Harry Potter – so I didn’t have anything to read. I was just on the cusp of discovering Young Adult fiction, but didn’t really think to actually go check any out. Adult books weren’t doing it for me at the time, so I thought I would read more fan fiction. It was great! There were lots of great reads and continuations and new adventures of my favorite books. Sadly, when you read for hours each day, your selection dwindles, and after a while I got bored with what was available. There also aren’t THAT many quality fan fiction works out there, or at least in my opinion. Which brings me to the next question…

Have you ever written any fan-fiction?
Yes, I have. After not being able to find any fan fiction works that seemed to satisfy my tastes, I thought I would give writing some a try. I never actually expected to finish and assumed I’d write a few chapters then get bored. 3 stories, each 70,000+ words, later, I realized this was not so! Not only had a established a fantastic fan base but I had discovered a love of writing. After finishing my last story I decided to venture out on my own and write my own work of fiction, which I’ve finished, and pursue it getting published. Had it not been for 1) being unemployed, 2) getting bored with fan fiction, and 3) fan fiction in general I would have never discovered a love of writing and a love of blogging about books!

I don’t read it that often anymore, mainly because I have so many other books I read for this blog. I do, however, have one or two that I’ve been following for a while and that are seriously great. We all have books we loved and hated to say goodbye to once they were over. This just gives you a tiny way of still holding on to them!

P.S. Writing fan fiction is NOT something I go around talking about, mainly because I’m a little embarrassed about it, so for me to admit this to you is taking a lot. But I feel comfortable enough throwing it out to you all because you’re all so awesome! I’m not going to, as the above questions request, share what I’ve written, but if you’d like to know (or check it out) I’d be happy to tell you. Shoot me an email through my “Contact” page and I’ll send you links. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Fan Fiction: Yay or Nay?”

  1. Yes! I think it’s awesome that you read and write fan-fiction AND that you admitted to doing both! When I was in college I worked the midnight-4am shift at my dorm’s front desk, and I had nothing to do, I would read tons of Harry Potter fan fiction. I kept it secret, though!


    1. Thanks! I worked a similar shift when I was in college at one of the dorms… was not fun! I secret read fanfiction while working in grad school though. Although I’m sure my boss knew I wasn’t actually working.. ha!


  2. I totally wrote Sailor Moon, Fruits-Basket, and Harry Potter fanfiction. I actually really miss writing it. Should get back into it. I have some unfinished stories that need attention.


  3. I used to read fan fiction. I started out with Sailor Moon fan fiction. Then when the Lord of the Rings hit theaters, I became a little obsessed with reading that! I even attempted to write a little LOTR fan fiction, but I always gave up somewhere around chapter three.

    I’m a little afraid to read Harry Potter fan fiction because I love J.K. Rowling’s story so much. I’m too afraid of what fan fiction writers will do to the characters and the world. But, part of me really wants to read it because I don’t want the stories to end! Oh, the dilemma.


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