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Books on Tape: Because who DOESN’T love Tim Curry?

A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning by Lemony Snickett

As read by Tim Curry

The Skinny: After the sudden death of their parents in a mysterious fire, the Baudelaire children, now the Baudelaire orphans, are sent to live with their very distant relative Count Olaf. They are treated cruelly by their new guardian, given many difficult chores and only one bed between the three of them, and they search for a way to escape. They soon discover a sinister plot devised by Count Olaf to steal their fortune, which is untouchable until Violet (the eldest) comes of age. The Baudelaires try to reveal Count Olaf’s plan and save themselves before it’s too late but, as many can tell you, who really listens to children?

BFF?: Okay, although I’m nearly 30, I want to be one of the Baudelaires SO badly! These kids know what’s up and are smart, savvy and witty. If I can’t be a Baudelaire, I certainly want to be BFFs with them. As I was listening to this tape I kept wanting to interject, which in this case means “to interrupt with my own great idea.” I think we would be a great team of friends as we battled the dastardly Count Olaf.

Listen-ability: Who DOESN’T like Tim Curry? When I found out he narrated this I nearly squealed for joy. Because besides Jim Carey (who will always be the Count to me) who else but Tim Curry could bring the sinister creepiness of this book to life? But, to my honest surprise, it wasn’t Tim Curry who brought the book to life. No, he just read the part of the narrator. Y’all, the whole thing was acted out! Each character had their own voice, which made it even exciting. There was sound effects and creepy music; in fact, there were a few times when I got a little spooked out and jumped in my seat! This one deserves a listen.

Crush Level: 1
If Klaus were about 5 or 6 years older, I could imagine him being a viable crush-worthy YA character. Right now, at 12, he’s just a kid, but he’s smart… and he READS! So while I wouldn’t say I have a “crush” on him, give him a few years and we’ll check back with him.

Bonus Points:
Smart Kids

I feel like nowadays there aren’t many books written about “smart” kids – as in kids that study and read and don’t watch TV and play video games. The Baudelaire children are smart – Violet, the inventor; Klaus, the reader; even Sunny being a biter was pretty smart.

Tim Curry

If Tim Curry is in it, I’m sure I’ll love it. There’s just something fantastic about him that makes you get the shivers and your skin crawl while at the same time being floored at how great of an actor he is. I can’t imagine a better narrator for this book than he was.

Commencement Speech: I have this mad obsession with the Series of Unfortunate Events movie. I know it’s more for kids, but it’s one of my comfort movies that I’ll watch on a bad day or a boring, rainy afternoon. I’ve read the Bad Beginning but that’s the only one I’ve managed to make it through (although I really did love it and want to read the rest of this series). I wasn’t expecting a whole lot from this one but seriously was blown away by how wonderful it was! My only complaint was that it was pretty short – only 3 CDs that were less than an hour each – so it was over too quickly and I didn’t have the second one to pop in ASAP! Didn’t help that there was a teaser from the 2nd book in the series either… Do yourself a favor and listen to this series. Tell me what you think when you do!

Superlatives – Most Awesome Narrator in the World!

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6 thoughts on “Books on Tape: Because who DOESN’T love Tim Curry?”

  1. This series was so well-written but it’s also super upsetting. Like the narrator keeps warning you: this is a sad story, and you’re just like nah and then he’s like “no seriously…it’s sad” and you’re like haha sure. And then it’s sad and I was like “WHAT THIS IS A COMPLETE SURPRISE.”

    True story.


    1. Um, no kidding. I was left completely flabbergasted, a word which here means “blown away by how sad this story actually is.” I’ve only actually read the first book in the series, but Count Olaf is mega scary. Add Tim Curry’s voice to it… shivers.


  2. I don’t know a thing about Tim Curry and I’ve never read anything by Lemony Snicket, but this post makes me want to! Thanks for the visit today!


  3. Oh my gosh! Tim Curry narrating A Series of Unfortunate Events?! That sounds completely amazing. Even though I’ve read most of the books, I think I’ll have to now give them a listen!


    1. Tim Curry is FANTASTIC reading these books! Although they’re already funny and scary, he makes them funnier and scarier just with his voice! I highly recommend checking them out.


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