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Retro Reads Thursday: BSC Goodbye Stacey, Goodbye

I’ll be the first to admit that I cry over EVERYTHING. Movies. Commercials. Cards. You name it, I’ve shed a tear over it. But one thing that I rarely ever cry over is books. That’s not to say that I don’t cry over them; sometimes stories can be so moving that I may shed a tear or two. But an all out bawl-fest? Forget about it!

There is one book that did manage to invoke said fest in all my 29 years of reading (yes, I read as a baby… I was that smart. <snortlaughs>) and that book is BSC’s #13 Good-bye Stacey, Good-bye.

The synopsis of this book is that Stacey’s parents decide to move BACK to New York, leaving their home in Stoneybrook, CT and, essentially, Stacey’s new found friends in the Baby-sitters Club. Everyone is, of course, super sad because Stacey is leaving. I’m sure there’s more to the book, but that’s basically it.

Y’all… I remember being 9 or 10 huddled up in the corner of my bedroom BAWLING over this book. I mean, all-out, could not control myself bawling. I was so affected by this book it kind of creeps me out.

Perhaps I should back up though… the year before I read this my family and I moved to the next town over. I was still able to stay at my old elementary school, but knew that the next year I would have to change schools. This made me hella-sad. We had moved a lot when I was a kid (military brat), so I was no stranger to moving, but I think I was finally at the age where I had made best friends. I’m talking attached at the hip BEST FRIENDS. So a year later, after changing schools and starting all over again making friends, when I read this book it invoked all those memories of leaving my friends behind and how much I missed them. Which just goes to show you how powerful the Baby-sitters Club books really were to my pre-teen self.

Last Thursday I asked what you all read growing up and the BSC books seemed to be on everyone’s list. These books shaped the childhoods of just about everyone I know. You knew which of the babysitters you were (I was a MaryAnn). You squealed when Logan finally asked MaryAnn out. You wanted to make jewelry with Claudia, play baseball with Kristy and eat tofu sandwiches with Dawn. Okay, maybe not that last part, but you get my drift.

Honestly, no matter how old I am I know I’ll always cherish the Baby-sitter’s Club.


6 thoughts on “Retro Reads Thursday: BSC Goodbye Stacey, Goodbye”

  1. I was all about the BSC as a kid, too, though I don’t actually remember this one . . . probably for the best, since I’m sure I would have been crying, too. It’s funny how much certain books can influence us as kids that they’re really unforgettable, and I’d put the BSC in that category for me, too.


  2. It’s good to know someone else read as a baby too! Haha. BSC, be still my heart. Seriously, these books were my entire life as a 3rd and 4th grader. And MaryAnn and Logan – my first ship! I was undeniably Kristi (in my head) because I refused to self-identify with girly-girls, but all these many years later I realize I was totally a MaryAnn as well.


  3. I must confess that I almost never read any BSC when I was younger. I read LOTS of Boxcar Children and Sweet Valley Twins/High, though. But I know for sure that this was a tremendously popular series!
    I wish I knew which babysitter I am!! I might go and search out some kind of quiz. *goes in search of BSC personality test* *discovers the wonder of the internet* So…ok. I got Jessi, who hilariously actually sounds nothing like me AT ALL. *finds another quiz* Ok. Now I’m MaryAnn. MUCH better. Whew.
    There really is nothing quite like the books we remember reading when we were young, huh? (Also, this is a trademark sign of being old. I can’t help myself, though.)


  4. Who DIDN’T read the BSC growing up??? I think I was a Kristy – but without the sports – just bossy and into babysitting 🙂 Also, I just found out today that Scholastic has Pinterest boards for each of the BSC characters! AMAZING!!!! Finally, I would love for you to feature the American Girl series 🙂 They’re definitely younger, but that’s ok. I couldn’t believe how much fun I had getting all of my old AG stuff out a few weeks ago! Aaaaand, it must be a Kirsten thing b/c my Kirsten’s hair is a mess too! My mom always told me not to take the braids out – should have listened 🙂


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