Mythology, Young Adult

These boots are made for knocking, and knocking’s what they’ll do!

Goddess Interrupted by Aimée Carter

The Skinny: Six months after Kate passes The Goddess Test she returns back to Eden Manor to her new husband and her new role as queen of the Underworld. When she enters the Underworld she is hit with one of her new powers – the power to see other places in her mind – and oversees Henry and his brothers fighting with some unknown force. Henry joins her later in the day, bleeding, something she thought gods couldn’t do. It is revealed that Cronus, one of the trapped Titans, has been released by Calliope and without her help, the original six gods and goddesses cannot trap him again. As the remaining five gods and goddesses, including Kate’s mother, rush off to try to stop Cronus, Kate and the remaining gods and goddesses stay behind trying to figure out what they should do. Kate realizes that they need help from the one person who gave up immortality, leaving all of it behind for a beautiful afterlife: Persephone.

BFF?: Kate sure has changed in the six months since we last saw her. Before she was serious, mature, troubled by her mother’s impending death. Now, she’s this insecure, helpless girl who is constantly acting as if no one likes her. But what really sucks is that the more I read about her insecurities, the more I found myself in her and I was a little embarrassed. I still think we could be BFFs but the girl’s gotta stop being so insecure!

Readability: This was just as exciting of a read as The Goddess Test and I finished it just as quickly. Mainly because I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN! There was much more action in it, more interaction with the other gods and goddesses in their elements.

Crush Level: 7
Henry was just as dreamy yummy as he was before, but only more so this time around. He wasn’t just a man with a big house, he’s the king of the freakin Underworld! We get to see him in his element, a true god and king and it’s just so… I don’t know. Henry is also extra broody in this book, but eventually you can see why. Although there are a few parts where you almost hate him, he makes up for it in leaps and bounds later on – mainly because he has reasons for doing everything he does.

Bonus Points:
This scene
I’ve written it in white so in case you don’t want to read ANY part of this book before it comes out, but it doesn’t really have any spoilers. Just highlight and enjoy!

Without the blankets, the room was cold, and I shivered. The mattress shifted underneath me, and Henry wrapped his arm around me and pressed his chest against my back. He was warm, and his hand searched until he found mine.
“Please don’t leave,” he said, and his lips brushed against my neck. I trembled again, but this time for an entirely different reason.

Holy cow. When I read this scene I felt all the energy that had built up in me release and I let out a little girl “oh yay!” I’m not normally affected this much by romantic scenes but I totally was by this one!

Commencement Speech: I’m in love with this series. While I typically enjoy mythology retellings, this is one of the most original one out there. Its premise is exciting and there’s something unique and magical about the characters. They’re unlike our preconceived notions of who the gods and goddesses are, most of them surprising and fresh. Kate’s development and adjustment to her new life is real (or as real as a mortal becoming immortal can be) and she, herself, is real – I’ve known girls like her. Aimee Carter doesn’t make her main characters so perfect that you can’t help but love them. That was something I really enjoyed about reading these books; the characters are flawed and you can hate them a little bit for their mistakes while loving them for their redemption. This series is such a promising one and I cannot wait for its next installment – mainly because Aimee Carter is hella diabolical and ends this book with a heart-racing cliffhanger!

Superlatives – Most Likely to Give you the Happy Love Tingles

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6 thoughts on “These boots are made for knocking, and knocking’s what they’ll do!”

  1. Oh Candace you crack me up! I LOVE the scene in white. I mean Henry, hello hotness. I liked this books too. I felt like it took a little longer to get started for me and I spent so much time wanting Henry to be more attentive so by the end I was dying for a kiss (or, you know, something else). And as we both know, he totally delivered in the Swoony Times department.
    Great review!


    1. OMG wasn’t that the BEST scene?! I felt like I was holding my breath the entire book until that scene. I even had to put the book down for a second. And yeah… Henry totally came through for us! Yay swoony times!


    1. I hope you do get to them sometime… but if I were you, I’d wait until the next book comes out. Aimee Carter is pretty dirty leaving us with a cliffhanger like that! Although I do love some cliffhangers…


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