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Witch! Witch! You’re a witch!

Perigee Moon by Tara Fuller

The Skinny: When Rowan’s mother is killed in a fire she moves to her grandparents’ house in the small town of Ipswich, Massachusetts. A mysterious and handsome boy keeps popping up, at her grandparents’ store, on the street… But this mysterious boy, Alex, has secrets, secrets he tries desperately to keep from Rowan. As they grow closer Rowan tries to uncover his secrets only to find that she has a few secrets of her own. Alex is a witch and, as their dangerous relationship develops, Rowan must unearth the buried power she harbors within to escape a deadly prophecy, defy the very laws of time, and prevent the hands of fate from taking yet another person she loves. (I stole part of this last line from Tara Fuller’s website because it was just so good!)

BFF?: I really liked Rowan. She was kind of a tougher girl, but not in a “I’ll kick your butt” kind of way. More like she’s had a rough (that’s putting it lightly) past and has really had to fight to get herself back to normal. She’s the kind of girl you want to be like, able to overcome even the darkest of things and be better for it. Rowan’s also the kind of girl I want to be BFFs with; she’s caring and loyal, steadfast. She knows what she wants but isn’t bitchy about getting it or telling people she doesn’t want something. But what I like best about her is that despite all these things about her she’s still just an awkward, developing girl who is still trying to figure out not only being a teenager but her new life and the love that she’s found.

Readability: There are SO many good points I can say about the readability of this book. The way it sucks you in and keeps you there, not letting you up for air until you can barely breathe. It’s steamy and enticing while being fresh and real – usually these seem contradictory but Fuller does a great job of giving you just enough until you can barely stand it then letting you have a reprieve to catch your breath.

My only concern/criticism is that this book needs some major editing. Not really with content because, as you can tell from the previous paragraph, it’s great. There were some misspellings, things that needed to be capitalized (although I wondered if they were purposefully left lower-case due to them being name brands and not wanting to pay royalties), things that needed to be lower-cased, and some repetitive sentence structures. Also, the word “barley” kept popping up instead of “barely.” That drove me slightly nuts. Something I would like to see is if the actual hard copy is like this; I read it on my Kindle so whenever I see a misspelling or something that looks fishy I always wonder if it’s because it’s a Kindle book.

Crush Level: 7
Fuller knew what she was doing to her readers when she created Alex. As far as mysterious boys go he could be their leader. When I first read that he was a witch, I was a little skeptical. I didn’t think that a boy witch could be sexy at all, that all that spell casting would make him sort of weaker? Boy was I wrong. Alex was such a great mystery to unfold. Yes, he did some witchcraft, some goddess praying spells but that was only one side of him. Alex was this great mixture of the gentlemanly qualities of a boy from the 1600s and the romantic sexiness of a true YA love interest.

Bonus Points:
Salem Witch Trials

Ever since 5th grade when I read The Witch of Blackbird Pond I’ve had a real interest in the Salem Witch Trials. And, since this book takes place near Salem, of course it comes up! However, this was a fantastic spin on them by using actual witches.

Teenage Witch

Okay, who DOESN’T like Sabrina? But this isn’t some book with cheesy spells gone awry and a sarcastic cat with lame one liners. It’s darker and has “real” magic with “real” teenage problems.

Awesome Grandma

If you couldn’t figure out what Rowan’s grandmother is from the first second you meet her, you’re in for a surprise!


This really isn’t a big bonus point for the book, but I recently learned this word from an episode of the Vampire Diaries, so I was pretty impressed with me knowing about these books.

Commencement Speech: I’ve been following Tara Fuller for a while now on Twitter (and vice versa) so I’ve really been looking forward to this book. I’m so happy it didn’t disappoint! It was a very beautiful read that presents many serious problems – death of a parent, attempted suicide, estrangement from a parent – and handles them all very gracefully and thoughtfully. Rowan’s situations didn’t define who she was and how she acted but rather gave her obstacles to overcome. The romance was a little on the heavier side (but really, what true passion isn’t?) so I wouldn’t recommend this for younger teens; it’s definitely for the 17 and older crowd. Fuller’s debut novel is such a great read and I know I’m definitely glad she wrote it and pursued it being published. She’s sure to be fantastic in the future and I’m looking forward to reading more from her!

Superlatives – Most Likely to Cast a Love Spell on You


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4 thoughts on “Witch! Witch! You’re a witch!”

  1. Haven’t heard of this one before, and it seems like it’s got a lot going for it. Good to know that a guy witch can be so interesting.

    The typo thing would bug me too, though it sounds like the story and characters made up for it for the most part. I like that it reads a little older too.

    Added it to my TBR – awesome review.


    1. I’ve been following this book for a while now so I really wanted to read it. While there were some editing mistakes, as you can tell it was pretty darn amazeballs! I want to check out the physical book and see if some of these mistakes were in it… while I could get the mistakes if it was a self-published book, this book wasn’t. We’ll see! 🙂


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