Mythology, Young Adult

Forget getting an “A”; I’m getting an “I” for immortal

The Goddess Test by Aimée Carter

The Skinny: Kate’s dying mother’s last wish is to move back to her hometown. Once there, Kate starts school where she knows no one, passing time until her mother’s death. She meets the illusive Henry, who mysteriously brings a girl back from the dead. Henry explains that he is actually Hades, god of the Underworld. He then offers her a chance to prolong her mother’s death. The price? Stay with him for six months. During this time she will be tested. If she passes, she’ll become Henry’s immortal bride. But no one has ever made it past Christmas, all the other girls who had tried turned up dead. As Kate slowly begins to fall in love with Henry her life becomes more and more in jeopardy and she must figure out who is threatening her before her time is up.

BFF?: Kate, bless her heart, has missed out on some of the most fun years of her life. With her mother sick throughout high school, she hasn’t had the chance to enjoy her life. I think the girl needs me, Senorita Fun! Okay, maybe that’s not me, but she does need a friend who will help her to cut loose. Sure, she’s got Ava, but she’s not really that great of a friend. For an eighteen year old, Kate is pretty serious and a little too mature for her age. But that doesn’t affect the story too much; it’s pretty realistic for her to be that way because of her mother. She’s also got a low BS tolerance level, which I totally get. All in all, we could be BFFs!

Readability: This was a pretty quick read. Not that it was short; it just flowed well and didn’t let you out of it. It’s written in first person but you really get a good sense of the other characters for who they are, not just for who Kate sees them as.

Crush Level: 7
Hades was always my least favorite of the Greek gods, but after reading this, he may just move up a few spots. Henry was just so… mm… sexy. He’s brooding and serious enough to be mysterious, but kind and caring enough to be swoonworthy. At first I was a little worried I wouldn’t like him because he was still hung up on his ex, but he quickly squashed that fear by… well, I don’t want to spoil it for you!

Bonus Points:
Greek gods

HOLY COW, I love me some Greek mythology! This was such an interesting take on it too. I never would have thought about the Hades and Persephone myth being the basis of such a romantic story, but it really was.

Slumber Parties

I know what you’re thinking: kinky! But no… As part of the agreement with his god-family, Henry must spend each night with Kate to get to know her better. Their nights together, although innocent, are sweet and cute. Although if I had hotty toddy Henry in my bed each night, I might try to do more than play cards with him.

Commencement Speech: I have never been a huge fan of the Hades and Persephone myth, always thinking it was a little cruel and how on earth could it possibly be romantic? But this book… wow! It definitely takes the myth and puts a great spin on it. Normally, everyone hates Hades and feels bad for Persephone. But this story completely changes that! There are so many surprises and twists in this book that it keeps you guessing, unaware of what could happen next. Overall, a great and fun read, with just the right amount of swoon!

Superlatives – Most Likely to End Up on a Milk Carton


6 thoughts on “Forget getting an “A”; I’m getting an “I” for immortal”

    1. It was really great. I think what I loved best about it is that it didn’t play too heavily on the Greek mythology, so if you’re not 100% familiar with it you don’t get confused. Definitely keep it in mind!


    1. Wasn’t he just awesome?! And I agree about Kate; she was a great protagonist! I love when the main characters in YA books aren’t whiney or childish and she was neither.


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