Dystopian, Young Adult

The road goes on forever but the party never begins

Crossed by Ally Condie

The Skinny: After leaving her home and the Society in order to search for Ky, Cassia is nearly at the end of her time when she is mistakenly sent to the Outer Provinces, an assignment that is certain death. Ky has been in this area for months, serving as a decoy, and has been one of the few survivors. Thought they are separate, they both flee the “town” they are each assigned to for the mysterious canyons. As they search for each other they each find more about the Society and a rising rebellion, one that could change both their lives forever.

BFF?: As there are two narrators in Crossed – Cassia, who we got to know pretty well in Matched; and Ky – I thought I’d not only get to continue my friendship with Cassia but get to know Ky as well. Cassia hasn’t changed much since Matched, which is a shame because she developed into someone I really liked and hoped she would develop even more. I got the feeling that she was slightly naive with the whole rebellion thing, like it was more of a novelty for her than she really understood what was going on. I did like Ky though, much more so than I did when I first met him. It’s interesting to see who he really is through his own eyes, not through Cassia’s. He wasn’t as namby pamby sensitive guy like I originally thought he was. Which was super!

Readability: This really was an easy read but I found the back and forth switching of narrators to be a little confusing. I read the entire first chapter thinking it was Cassia when it was really Ky. Condie did some really neat things with the duel narrators thought. There were several scenes which stopped abruptly on one character’s point of view and ended on the other. This made for some very interesting scenes, especially the kissing ones.

Crush Level: 5
I think I gave Ky a 4 last time, so his score didn’t improve that much. But he really did improve in my mind. I think it’s because I really got to know him; how he thinks, what he thinks. In Matched Cassia paints him as this super sensitive guy but in Crossed we’re shown that while he is sensitive (hey, he likes poetry!) he’s also pretty hard. He’s strong and protective, which really makes any girl’s toes curl in delight.

Bonus Points: I’m sorry, guys; I really couldn’t find anything that added some bonus points. There just wasn’t anything. I really did try!

Commencement Speech: Most of the reviews I’ve read about Crossed have been… well… not so great. Which made me sad because I a) LOVED Matched and b) was really looking forward to this book. So, needless to say, I was determined to love it, despite the naysayers. And about 1/3 of the way in I thought “Hey, I really love this!” But then it kept going on, and on, and on… and NOTHING HAPPENED! While this should have left me sad, because I do love some good action in books, I think maybe this was the perfect bridge to the next book which, hopefully, will have more action and wrap up everything. There were lots of questions answered in here that were almost hidden – like one liners with no further explanation – so when you really thought about it, GASP!

Something else I found very interesting was the duel narrators. I know, I just talked about this, but here’s a little further explanation of why it was so great. As I just mentioned, Cassia paints Ky as this sensitive guy while when we get to know him he really isn’t that kind of guy. Conversely, Ky paints Cassia as this delicate, sweet innocent girl who he idolizes when we know that’s not really who she is. I started noticing this towards the end of the book; it’s as if neither really knows the other. They both have this idealized vision of the other and when their true natures come out, there’s friction. Which, hopefully… will bring Xander back into the picture! Yay Xander!

Superlatives – Most Likely to Talk Your Ear Off About Nothing


3 thoughts on “The road goes on forever but the party never begins”

  1. I love your review format and you bring up some excellent points about the book. And I think you are totally right about Ky and Cassia having these idealized versions of each other that aren’t truly based on reality. Should make for an interesting series finale. I wasn’t a fan of Crossed, but your review convinced me to keep an open mind for the next book.


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