Spooky! Scary!, Young Adult

You’re rushing through me (Like water from… ZOMBIES!)

The Dead-Tossed Waves by Carrie Ryan

The Skinny: Gabry lives the quiet life, always playing it safe, near the ocean with her mother, the town’s local zombie killer. What?! After a night of chances – sneaking over the Barrier and to the abandoned and dilapidated fair that lies on the other side – that lead to an attack and losing not only several friends but the boy she has feelings for, Gabry is more determined than every to play by the rules. But when her mother leaves and returns to the Forest of Hands and Teeth, her friends are imprisoned for their reckless abandonment of the rules, and a mysterious stranger appears in her town, Gabry’s straight-laced world begins to crumble as she realizes she must leave her world and enter into the forest, the forest of her mother’s past. 

Okay, before I get on with my normal review I just have to say 2 things. First, I bought this book and was super excited about reading it only to realize halfway home from the bookstore that this was the SECOND book in a series. Doh! So when I finally read The Forest of Hands and Teeth, I got to read this. Only to realize that it wasn’t a continuation of Mary’s story but the story of someone completely different. Okay, need to say 3 things. I hate when series do this. Hate, hate, hate! Alright, on to my review.

BFF?: I seriously loved Gabry. Although she starts out as sort of a wet blanket, she quickly becomes all the things I love in YA heroines: badass and heroic. And a zombie killer.

Readability: As I mentioned earlier, when I realized that the main character in the book was different from the main character in TFHAT I worried that it would be the same character as the first book but just a different name. Does that make sense? Especially since it was written in first person and had a similar tone. Boy, was I wrong! Gabry is NOTHING like Mary. Although it read the same, you quickly forget about Mary and enter Gabry’s world. I found that it was good the tone was similar to the first book because even though you’re reading from the perspective of a different character, you still feel that seriousness that comes from a zombie infested world. I did find that this book’s pace was a little faster and I got more into it than I did the first book, which isn’t saying much because I really got into the first book.

Crush Level: 7
Whoa there buckaroo! How did we get from 3 to 7 in just the first two books of a series? Well I’ll tell you: Elias made me happy. Very happy. There is an annoying love triangle that involves Catcher, but c’mon… he gets *spoiler* bitten by a zombie in like the first 5 pages of the book. Clearly he’s not even a contender for this triangle. But Elias is that mysterious, sort of jerky kind of guy that you just can’t help but develop a crush on. And once Gabry gets over Catcher I just KNOW she’ll fall for Elias. I JUST KNOW IT!!! (clearly I know the outcome of this triangle but don’t want to ruin it for you)

Bonus Points:

This book was sort of full of surprises too. And they were GREAT surprises. I’m talking like epic-jaw-dropping-zombie-attack-totally-setting-you-up-for-a-sequel surprises.

Weird Zombie Cult

There’s always gotta be someone who decides that stupid things are awesome enough to worship them. This book is no stranger to this fact. Apparently in zombie apocalypse land there is a cult that thinks zombies are higher beings, they keep them as pets, and think turning into a zombie is a good thing.

Spooky Fairgrounds

Maybe I’m just weird, but there’s something a little romantic about a fair after closing. It’s a world of mystery and danger, filled with nooks and crannies to get a little nook and cranny. That was the lamest thing I think I’ve ever said, but whatever. I would totally make out with Catcher at the fairground and totally give mad props to Gabry for doing so. Despite the fact that zombies are coming!

Superlatives – Best Zombie Hunter’s Daughter

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