I'm gonna live forever!

Are you sure you’re not a vampire?

Evermore by Alyson Noël

The Skinny: After a deadly wreck which killed both her parents, younger sister and family dog, Ever Bloom has been changing in ways that she cannot explain. Auras appear around other people, colored light that glows from a person. She begins to hear the thoughts of others and know a person’s entire life story with the simplest of touch. And then her sister shows up, a ghost that is just as annoying in death as she was in life.

Her new abilities force her to avoid contact with others, becoming a loner and labeled a freak. But when she meets Damon, the mysteriously handsome new boy at school, she begins to rethink her abilities. She is drawn deeper into his world, discovering others who are like her and falling helplessly in love with him.

BFF?: There are two main people I would love to be friends with: Ever and her sister Riley (who cares if she’s a ghost!). Like anyone who has lost her entire family in one fatal swoop Ever is pretty tormented. But she doesn’t let it destroy her life, which I’ve gotta say is pretty awesome of her. She’s strong and loyal, knowing herself even though she doesn’t know what the heck is going on with her abilities. Ever also has a wry sense of humor that really made me laugh. We could probably have fun together.

And then there’s Riley… she completely made this book for me. As far as annoying little sisters go, she wins first prize. But I love, love, loved her! Ever, while pretty funny herself, sometimes got to be too much of a downer. Riley definitely provided some comic relief in the way that only little sisters can.

Readability: Written in first person, Evermore is really an easy read. Noel’s grasp on Ever’s personality and voice is well done and I think she really captures what it means to be a teenager, especially one who lost her family. That being said, there’s some crazy sh– in this book that I had a hard time getting behind. Psychics? Mind reading? Chakra’s? But what made it interesting was the way it all intertwined with the story and just seemed to work.

Crush Level: 7
What’s hotter than a dark, mysterious stranger? Not much, say I! Damon is exactly that. He’s sexy and dark, mysterious… I’m not really sure how Ever kept it together around him because I know I couldn’t have! Damon definitely isn’t the type of guy you’d bring home to meet your mom – although he does have centuries of practice with the good manners. I’d say he’s more of the secret love, that quick affair, type guy. That you wish you could take home to meet your mom.

Bonus Points:
Ghost Sister

Do you remember that movie Ghost Dad? Same thing, only with sisters.


I don’t really get this, I really don’t. In the front of the book it lists them and I was SO confused. I still don’t get them after reading this book but I thought it was kind of cool that it was included. Who does this? Allyson Noel, that’s who.


When I was little we lived in California for a brief period of time and my mom always tells me how much she didn’t like it. I can’t say that I remember it all that much, but after reading this book I think I’d like to go visit. Check out what all the hippies do over there. I dunno. Could be fun!

Immortality w/out being a vampire

When I first started reading I (like I’m sure many people, including the characters in the book) started thinking “wait, is he a vampire? Are we sure he’s not a vampire?” NO! That’s the beauty of this book! Immortality without the pesky business of drinking blood and staying out of the sun. Noel sure does tease us though… <shakes fist>

Superlatives – Most Likely to Make you Dream of Ian Somerhalder


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