Angels, Spooky! Scary!

I kissed you, and you’re still here

Fallen by Lauren Kate

The Skinny: Luce Price is Sword & Cross’s newest student thanks to an incident that left a fellow student at her former school dead. Sword & Cross isn’t your typical boarding school; here no cell phones are allowed, security cameras watch your every move, and the students are all screw-ups. But when Luce meets Daniel Grigori, she’s instantly drawn to him. He’s familiar but she can’t seem to put her finger on where she knows him from. As she attempts to get to know him better he makes every possible effort to stay away from her, making it perfectly clear that he wants nothing to do with her. But Luce knows there’s a reason she’s drawn to him and knows that she has to be near him – even if she dies trying.

BFF?: Prrobably… if she wouldn’t mind me saying “get over it!” every now and again. Luce is likable, she’s pretty ballsy (I could totally see the two of us sneaking out after hours), she’s sarcastic… but sometimes she just doesn’t “get it.” I feel like the entire time I was dangling the plot in front of her and saying “See? I get it, why don’t you?” Which is a real drag. Because you don’t want a ditzy stupid best friend.

Readability: It’s like the horror story that almost wasn’t. Set in spooky Savannah, Georgia (okay, I’ve never actually been there, but c’mon… it’s an old Southern town. You know it’s gonna be spooky at some point) the plot is already spooky. Add in a creepy old reform school, a super old graveyard and a mysterious object of my affection and you’ve got instant scary campfire story. While you kind of figure out the plot to begin with and are able to pick out who the big bads are, there are enough twists in the book to leave you going “wait, whhaaaaaatttt?”

Crush Level: 6
There is some major love tension between Luce and Daniel. And not like puppy-love tension. Major tension. Their love-hate relationship is toe curling and exciting. It really makes you want more towards the end, which is good because you pretty much are told right away (spoiler alert?) that their love is doomed from the start… which usually doesn’t make for good reads.

Bonus Points:
Southern Goth

I don’t really know what “Southern Goth” actually is, but if it includes the south, I’m all for it. The dripping moss, crumbling tombstones, creaky old gates… all of these things really set the scene for a spooky good time in the old south!


Lately I’ve really gotten into angels and this book is one of the ones that I can thank for my newest obsession interest. There’s so much history and mythology (yes, I’m calling it that) with them. It even got me to read Paradise Lost (note, please do not make my mistake)!

Superlatives – Most Likely to Go Through an Emo Phase


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