It’s telly time! “Passions” is on!

Passion by Lauren Kate

The Skinny: Luce and Daniel’s love is one for the ages – literally. Thanks to her newly discovered way of transportation Luce begins a journey back through centuries of relationships – her’s and Daniel’s relationship – searching for meaning and understanding of what it truly means to love an angel. With a mysterious stone gargoyle as her guide she visits each of their past loves, hoping to discover if their love is true. But Daniel, Cam, and the rest of the Fallen are desperate to catch her before she discovers to much or, at worst, rewrites history.

BFF?: You know those friends that the more you get to know them the more you want to throw up your hands in frustration and say “Fine, I give up!” That’s how I feel about Luce. I still like her, she’s still funny and sweet, but she’s just so darn frustrating! How many times do you have to see the same thing over and over and over again before you get it?

Readability: This one took a little huffing and puffing to get through, but it was just as enjoyable as the rest of them. I think what was difficult was not that it was dull or dragged but because the scenes kept changing. One minute you’re shivering in Soviet Russia the next you’re in Kung Pow Panda China. Okay, so maybe that’s a stretch, but Luce does hop around a lot. I did find some of Kate’s scenes a little, erm, familiar. About halfway through a couple I thought “Hey, didn’t I read this not too long ago?” But, I guess when you write historical books or scenes or whatever, you’re bound to repeat some plots because hey, history is what it is.

Crush Level: 6
This book hits you in the face with lovey-doveyness like a ton of bricks. Have you ever sat and gone through every past boyfriend and every sweet thing said past boyfriends have done? That’s what this was like. Daniel love after Daniel love after Daniel love. But what’s great is that no matter the century or country or wherever Daniel is just as tormented and anguished about blowing Luce up as he ever is.

Bonus Points:
History Lessons
Luce travels through time to several different time periods, including some I would have never thought of placing her in. Feudal China? Ancient Egypt? Mayan whatever? Yeah, it was just interesting.

Superlatives – Most Likely to Get Lost Backpacking Across Europe


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