Love, love, love, love, love, love, love

Delirium by Lauren Oliver

The Skinny: Science has discovered the root cause of all illness, war, famine, etc.: Love. With its removal the world can finally live in peace. There is now a cure for love, given to every citizen when they turn eighteen, that will free them from a life of pain. Lena Holloway is only ninety-five days away from getting her treatment when she accidentally falls in love. Falling in love is Lena’s biggest fear because her mother committed suicide as a way to escape from a life without love. In Lena’s world, those who show affection or threaten the loveless world are executed or thrown into prison. When she meets Alex, a boy who has already been treated, she finds herself falling for him as he shows her the darker side of their world.

BFF?: Lena is the voice of reason in the beginning of the book. A goody-goody, so to speak, so I think she and I could get along and have nice, safe, boring fun. But what I think I like most about her is that even though she plays by the rules, she has reasons other than “oh I don’t want to get in trouble.” Her mom committed suicide, her dad was arrested; these are things that make you think before you jump! She does, however, begin to loosen up, to allow herself to stray from living by the book and by doing so opens up a world of discovery, not only of herself but of the false happiness everyone seems to enjoy.

Readability: BEAUTIFUL book, wonderfully written. Lauren Oliver really nails it with this one. There were some moments when the entire world disappeared around me and I was so absorbed into her world, Lena’s world, that I swear my heart was going to explode. Which really makes the end even worse.

Recently I’ve started having dreams about my wedding. In them I’m standing under a white canopy with flowers in my hair. I’m holding hands with someone, but whenever I turn to look at him his face blurs, like a camera losing focus, and I can’t make out any features. But his hands are cool and dry, and my heart is beating steadily in my chest–and in my dream I know it will always beat out that same rhythm, not skip or jump or swirl or go faster, just womp, womp, womp, until I’m dead.

See what I mean?!

Crush Level: 7
Alex is definitely ‘that boy.’ You know, the one who awakens you and opens your eyes to things, who your stomach does somersaults over… over and over and over… The fact that Lena is so inexperienced, so pure, makes it even more toe-curling tingly romantic.

Bonus Points:
“Modern” Science

The idea that love is a disease and discovering a cure for it is, in my opinion, genius. I’ve gotta give major props to Lauren Oliver for even dreaming up that plot. Really makes a girl think about her own love life… what if there were a cure???


Lena’s best friend Hanna is kind of awesome. Like, wins BFF of the Year awesome. Where Lena is cautious, Hanna is adventurous and she pushes Lena to be rebellious with her, all while still respecting Lena’s goody-goody nature.

Anti-Bonus Points
Bad Ending
No, I’m not gonna spoil it for you and give away the ending, but I literally threw this book across the room. I haven’t done that with a book since “I Know What You Did Last Summer” in 9th grade. Maybe you’ll disagree and think the ending is perfect. I did not. Thus, throwage.

Superlatives: Most Likely to Star in a Bad Production of Romeo and Juliet

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