Fairy Tales

Nice men marry dancers

Entwined by Heather Dixon

The Skinny: We all know the story of the Twelve Dancing Princesses, who every night stole away to a magical land where they danced until their hearts were content. But what if dancing wasn’t their choice?

In Azalea’s world, dancing has been forbidden; all the things she and her eleven sisters love are taken away after their mother’s death. But then the mysterious Keeper appears, offering them a way to escape their world and enter into his, a world where dancing is celebrated. And so they disappear every night to dance, leaving the world they are trapped in for the enchanted silver forest . But there is a price and soon they discover there is a reason he is called ‘Keeper.’

BFF?: Meh. I liked all the sisters, I really did. They were fun, teased each other, helped each other, like true sisters did. But there wasn’t really any of them that I thought “Man! I wish I was her best friend!” I did love visiting them thought. They would make for a fun weekend trip to Eathesbury (the princesses’ country). And of course the girls love to dance. I love to dance, even though I’m sure I look like a jerky zombie when I try. We could have a dance party in the royal ballroom. Okay. Maybe I would want to be their best friends. All twelve of them.

Readability: Like any good fairy tale this book is filled with lush, descriptive settings and dialogue. But unlike any good fairy tale, it’s filled with humor, mostly in the form of sisterly interaction. There were moments when I genuinely laughed at some of the girls and their crazy antics. Especially Bramble, the second oldest. I also enjoyed the fact that with so many characters Dixon was able to develop all the sisters. No, not all of them were the main stars, but they all played a huge part and had their own well-developed characters that added to the intricate story.

Crush Level: 4
There was, of course, a ‘handsome prince’ figure in this book – several in fact. I just didn’t get that swoony feeling while I was reading. Sure, there were sweet moments. It was fun watching the girls fall in love. But for the most part it felt a little forced, as if it was only there because the original story had the princess fall in love. However, that was okay. I don’t feel that this particular fairy tale is about a princess falling in love with a prince and living happily ever after. I think it’s always been more about the princesses, the sisters, and their adventures in the hidden dancing world.

Bonus Points:
The Cover
What can I say? I’m a sucker for pretty pictures and often read books based on their covers. I’ve read some lemons because of this, but have also found some of my favorite FAVORITE books just by picking it up because of the cover. This one is no exception.

Fairy Tales

Like my cover obsession I have a tendency to love anything that has to do with fairy tales. Whether it’s the original tales or a smart retelling of them, I’m a sucker and fall for their charms every time.


I love sisters in books, but when there’s twelve?! To me this sounds like a hot mess but the sisters in Entwined know what’s up. They look out for each other, comfort each other, fight, laugh. This is what being sisters is all about.

Dance Party

As I said earlier, I’m no dancer. But I do love to dance. These dancing princesses know how to get down. You know, in a waltzing kind of way.

Superlatives – Most Likely to Dance the Night Away

5 thoughts on “Nice men marry dancers”

    1. It was good, and I really love this particular fairy tale, but as with the original fairy tale there’s not a heavy emphasis on romance.

      Hope you get to check it out soon; it’s actually very good.


  1. I loved Bramble, she was so awesome and head strong. I guess, I just loved all of the sisters.

    And overall, loved Entwined. This is one of my favorite fairytales as well. Actually Juliette Marillier does a great retelling of it in Wildwood Dancing, I’d highly recommend you check that one out as well. 🙂


    1. Wasn’t Bramble the best?! I feel like I’ve read so many of these retellings and yet the story of the 12 Dancing Princesses is always my favorite. I”ll definitely have to check out Wildwood Dancing!


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