Books on Tape

Books on Tape: Because I was too lazy to read this

The Golden Compass by Phillip Pullman

The Skinny: Lyra Belacqua has grown up in Jordan College, Oxford, sheltered from the mysteries of her world. But when she accidentally finds out about the mysterious Dust, discovers her uncle is lost in the North, and learns her best friend has been taken by the Gobblers, Lyra is sent to live with the beautiful Mrs. Coulter. She soon finds out that Mrs. Coulter is no friend of hers and she sets out on an adventure to find out more about her world and save her friend and uncle. Along the way she meets many characters, some who become close allies while others become mortal enemies.

BFF?: Normally I wouldn’t be friends with a 12 year old, especially one as bratty as Lyra. But beneath the spoiled, rough exterior is a charming and kind girl who deep down does care about others even though she wouldn’t admit it freely. She’s also a hilarious little liar who I think, if I were young again, I could have a really good time with. She thinks quickly and is able to quickly weave intricate stories and lies to help herself out of tight jams.

Listen-ability: This was my first experience with a Book on Tape, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was kind of AWESOME. The narrator put enough emotion into reading while not being cheesy. What I think made it even better was the fact that all the characters were acted out. It was like listening to a movie while in the other room.

Crush Level: 0

Yes… zero. There’s obviously no romance for the main characters because they’re just kids. So no crush level.

Bonus Points:
Daemons – These are one of those fantasy bits that pop up in Pullman’s alternate reality England (or what I think is supposed to be England). Daemons are basically the animal embodiment of a person’s soul. Which of course led me to wonder what my daemon would be.

Crazy Religion – This book is FILLED with crazy religion… from the theory of Dust to the need for daemons to good and evil. Cuhhhraaaazyyy

Superlatives – Most Likely to be that Freshman who Pretends She’s a Senior

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