I’m gonna need my green pill…

Matched by Ally Condie

The Skinny: Cassia lives in a world where all decisions are made for you, including where you will work, where you will live and who you will marry. When Cassia is surprisingly matched with her best friend she is more than pleased, however confused. But when a second boy’s image is flashed before her, instantly before disappearing, she begins to question the Matching Screen’s choice and, ultimately, the world she lives in. How will she choose between Xander, her best friend, and Ky, the mysterious stranger? Will she choose a life of comfort, the one she has always known, or a life of passion and world unknown?

BFF?: Yes please! Cassia is what YA characters should strive to be. She doesn’t rock the boat, she strives for perfection, she works hard… but underneath there is a fire that is waiting to ignite. Her transition from ideal citizen to awakened young woman is gradual, which is refreshing from the normal “oh I’m a ditzy teenager now I’m a mature young person” transition of so many books.

Readability: This is a really light and easy read. It doesn’t force you to question too much, it doesn’t make you think or have to decipher what’s happening; you just get lost in the beauty of it and fall easily into Cassia’s world. Written in first person, I found it super easy to become Cassia. I felt what she felt, which is a lot.

Crush Level: 6 and 4, Xander and Ky respectively. As with most love triangles you’re either Team First Guy or Team Second Guy. I am totally Team Xander. This will also be the last time I use the phrase “Team” to describe which character I prefer. Xander and Ky are both opposites so I can definitely see one being hotter than the other based on what type of guy you prefer. I, personally, don’t enjoy the type of guy who cries or is over-sensitive, which Ky is. But there’s still a little bit of mystery to him, still a little bit of “hm… maybe I could get to know him a little better…” Which is good, because there is a sequel!

Bonus Points:
The Cover – I mainly wanted to read this book based on the cover. I am IN LOVE with it! It’s so simple but oh so interesting and pretty!

Green Pills – Each member of the society carries around 3 pills – one red, one blue and one green – with them at all times. The green pill is taken for moments of anxiety or deep stress. Ever since reading this book, whenever I have these moments (which is quite often, let me tell you) I immediately want my green pill.

BGFF (Best Guy Friend Forever)

I have this weird obsession with best guy friends, mainly because I’ve always wanted one. I love them even more when the two end up falling for each other. Who better to fall in love with than someone you already love?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Okay, so Buffy technically doesn’t make an appearance in this book, but I do love that one of the main love interests is named Xander. He was really one of my favorite characters on BTVS when I was in HS!

Superlatives – Tie between Best Dressed and Biggest Tease

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